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1 Find a role

While the majority of our volunteers are general advisers, we have a wide range of volunteering roles within NACAS, details of which you can find on our volunteering opportunities page. Hopefully we have something to suit you. Our aim is to match your skills, interests, passions and personality with available roles.

Some roles require you to give a specific amount of time, or have particular skills. The description of each role will detail what time commitment or experience is required. The majority of our roles simply need your time and enthusiasm.

Find a role

2 Complete our application

Once you have found a role, you can apply online by completing our online application form*. We’ll review your application and if we want to take your application further we’ll invite you to meet us for a chat. This will give you the chance to find out more about the role and our organisation and allow us to best match your skills and interests with our volunteer opportunities.

You will note on our application form that we ask for references. This is to help us confirm your identity.

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3 Induction and Training Programme

All our volunteers will then be invited to complete an induction and you will also get specific training for your role. For our advising roles, this includes completing the Adviser Training Programme (ATP) which is recognised and respected throughout the country and best of all – its free! You will be supported throughout your training journey by staff and experienced volunteers who will always be on hand.

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