How we can help you

There are many ways that our advisers can help you to resolve a problem. From our Bureau we have access to, and can provide free of charge, a range of information and advice leaflets to help with most problems. We also provide individual tailored advice from many locations around North Ayrshire, and on a wide range of enquiries and difficulties. Where it is necessary we can sometimes provide casework support, or find someone who can.

Because we are an independent local charity, we are only interested in one thing: getting the best results for our clients, the people living and working in North Ayrshire.

Our advisers will not tell you what to do, but they will advise you of all the different options that you have. You will then be able to make your own decision as to how you want to proceed, with full knowledge of all possible outcomes so you can act with confidence on your own behalf. Every client is different, and our advisers work with you as an individual to find the best solutions for your problems.

Our advisers are committed to providing the best service and they can do the following to help you resolve your problems.

  • Advisers have access to a wide range of resources that are regularly checked and updated
  • Advisers can negotiate on your behalf with companies or service providers such as multiple creditors or utility companies
  • Advisers can help you to appeal against incorrect decisions, for example, social security benefit claims
  • Advisers can help you to prioritise your problems to make sure the most urgent issues are dealt with promptly. For example, to sort out which debts are most important
  • Advisers can help you with court and tribunal cases, plus they can refer you to a specialist if needed

Some examples of the problems we can help you with:

  • Benefits checks, applications and appeals
  • Debt problems
  • Housing problems, including private and local authority tenancy issues
  • Employment problems, such as redundancy, unfair dismissal, discrimination
  • Legal problems
  • Immigration problems
  • Utilities problems – issues with suppliers of gas, electric, water, and other fuel
  • Relationship problems, including seperation advice, access to mediation services, general divorce advice
  • Tax problems
  • Travel problems
  • Education problems
  • Consumer problems, for example faulty goods, unfair contract terms, complaints
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