Phone for advice on any topic

Call our helpline now on 0808 169 5075for advice about any issue.

The service is available Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

This number is free from a landline and most, but not all, mobiles. Please check with your service provider.

What to have to hand

Before you make the call, it is helpful to gather information that you may need and have it ready to hand, for example:

  • if you are phoning about a payment – such as a gas, electric or council tax – make sure you have a copy of a recent bill. Your bill will include an account or reference number. Find any numbers that you might need before you start the call. Some people like to mark the relevant numbers with a highlighter
  • if you are phoning about benefits or tax make sure you have your National Insurance number to hand. You will find this number on most official letters
  • if you are phoning to make a complaint, it can really help to write down the key points before you call
    • write down key dates or events
    • write down key facts such as the names of people you have spoken to and what they have said
    • write down what it is you are unhappy about
    • write down what it is you want to happen, for example, that the organisation changes their decision or that you get a refund. You might needĀ additional adviceĀ to check if you are entitled to a refund.