Benefit Payment dates over the holiday period

Generally on the Christmas Bank Holiday periods, if a benefit is due on one of the bank holiday dates, it will be paid into your bank on the last working day before that.

Child Benefit Payments Christmas


25 December 2017: 21 December

26 December 2017: 22 December

1 January 2018: 29 December

2 January 2018:  3 January – Scotland only


Tax Credit Payment at Christmas

(Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit Payments)


25 December 2017: 22 December

26 December 2017: 22 December

27 December 2017: 22 December

28 December 2017: 27 December – England, Scotland and Wales only

1 January 2018: 29 December

2 January 2018: 29 December


Universal Credit Payment Dates for Christmas


Universal credit payments that are normally due on a bank holiday date, will generally be paid on the last working day before that bank holiday.


25th December payment will be made into your benefits bank account on Friday 22nd December 2017

26th December payment will be made on Friday 22nd December

28th December payments will be made on Wednesday 27th December

2nd January 2018 payment due will be made on Friday 29th December 2017

3rd January 2018 – Scotland only – paid on 2nd January 2018


Christmas Bonus Payments

Tax free payment of £10.00 made before Christmas for those who are eligible. The Christmas Bonus is normally paid at least a week prior to Christmas – differs according to area.


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