On 22 November 2017, Universal Credit will replace 6 benefits and tax credits with a single monthly payment, for the majority of working age people making NEW CLAIMS in North Ayrshire. This change will not affect people already claiming Universal Credit before this date.

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Check what you’ll need before applying online and what happens once you’ve made a claim
Apply for Universal Credit

Help with your Universal Credit Application

If you need help with your application or submitting your claim, there are various ways we can help.

Applications are made online via GOV.uk If you do not have access to a computer at home we can provide you with one, free of charge at our Saltcoats Bureau

We also provide appointments if you need someone to sit with you and help you through your application. Click here to arrange an appointment.

If you want to check you have entered all the correct information before submitting we can check your application for you. Click here to arrange an appointment.

If you have a simple question, trying posting it on our Facebook group and someone might be able to help.

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Preparing for Universal Credit

Preparing for your Universal Credit interview
Claimant commitment: what work-related activity group you should be in
Budgeting Advice
Universal Credit is paid either monthly or fortnightly. You may need to change the way you budget, for example some payments, like rent, may be due fortnightly. Budgeting advice is are available to help you manage your Universal Credit payments. We can also refer you to our debt team if are having issues with debt.

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