Do you have any feedback or comments, concerns or complaints about the NHS?

What is the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS)?

PASS is an independent service which provides independent, free, confidential information, advice and support to anyone who uses the NHS in Scotland. It aims to support patients, their carers and families in their dealings with the NHS and in other matters affecting their health.

PASS is operated Scotland-wide by Citizens Advice Scotland, under contract between Citizens Advice Scotland and the Scottish Government.

PASS is delivered across the whole of Ayrshire by North Ayrshire Citizens Advice Service (NACAS) in conjunction with East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau (EACAB).

You can find out more about PASS here

What can PASS help me with?

If you want to give feedback or comments,  or raise concerns or complaints about your NHS treatment , the Patient Advice and Support Service can:

  • Help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient
  • Support you if you are going to a meeting
  • Help you write letters and make phone calls
  • Help you access your medical and clinical records
  • Help you find health services and social care
  • Help you access the treatment, care and support you need  a variety of other ways.

How do I speak to someone?

Call the PASS helpline on 0800 917 2127

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